Our family has been growing their vineyards for 5 generations. My great-grandfather first sold his products to renowned Champagne houses. After world war two, he then decided to sell his Champagnes under his own name: René Remi.

Then in the early 60s his son Guy developed the brand further into what it is today. Now the torch has been passed on to Nathalie and Jérémy who continue the history by growing pinot MEUNIER, pinot NOIR and CHARDONNAY grapes.

Today, ...

I work following the principles of sustainable agriculture based on the guidelines of integrated viticulture. I use only a small quantity of organic fertilizers. I have cut down on the use of weedkillers now replaced with controlled grassing and tillage. I use plant protection products according to the recommendations of my vineyard advisers: don't treat if no disease. Insecticides are banned from our vineyards and replaced with biological control and mating disruption agents which protect insects that feed on pests. This way the ecosystem is restored. I want to hand over the soil I inherited from my ancestors to my children.

For more information, do not hesitate to ask questions when you visit us at the estate or at our fairs around here.
Grassed vine row